Hi all, today I will discuss a barn wedding idea. Does anyone want a rustic barn wedding? Want to do it unforgettable and unique? Create romantic barn wedding decorations, spend some money for certain in rustic style, pay attention to lightning and of course use straw bale seating. We are sure you will get quality and gorgeous wedding photos of your big day! See our gallery for inspiration and great ideas!

For those who prefer to have their favorite rustic barn wedding outside, a barn wedding could be the perfect solution. The barn wedding theme is becoming more and more popular as it not only saves so much of cost but also makes it look unique and interesting.

A rustic themed barn wedding is always popular, but mixed with a little romance its perfection! If you do have your heart set on a barn wedding venue for your special day, let us inspire you when it comes to adding that touch of rustic romance. There are plenty of ways to add romantic elements to your wedding décor: fragrant flowers in glasses and mason jars, ambient lightings such as string lights and candle lights, personal details, and drapery.