I think everybody agrees that decorating isn’t always easy. There are so many patterns and accents and proportions to consider that we don’t always know how to design our space. Confusion aside, decorating can be the most fun. It is an opportunity to be yourself and create a space that feels like your own. There is plenty of inspiration out there and many, many different styles. Here are some amazing studio apartment decor ideas that we can consider:

1 Pick a Corner to be your Office-like spot
Find a corner of the apartment and make it your work station. Get a medium-sized table and comfortable chair. Keep your calendar and your computer there to do your work and sort your important mail and bills.

2 Organize Your Books in one spot
If you don’t have too much space and need a way to organize your books, get a stackable bookshelf. A shelf attached to the wall that makes it look like your books are floating, that way you can always see your favorite stories.

3 Put or hang some Abstract Art
You don’t have to go to a prestigious gallery to find some art for your walls. Above your kitchen table or couch, put two complimentary abstract paintings. Take one or two colors from those paintings and match them with the throw pillows or a small vase to tie the room together with this studio apartment decor.

4 A Cozy Corner for your lazy time
Find a comfy and beautiful chair in a plum purple or soft grey. Make sure it’s comfy and surrounded with homey pieces like a throw rug and beautiful plants. It will make the perfect reading corner.

5 Add Some Shelf
If your bathroom is the size of a shoebox, you may need to come up with some interesting ways to organize your things. A ladder shelf above the toilet should work and some fun pictures on the wall will add a little something to the room.