Do you know about Korean nail art? The Korean nail art designs can be very unpredictable too and when you think that there are things impossible to combine into nail art. They just prove you wrong. The combo of nails and piercings is the perfect example of the idea. However, you can’t actually say that this nail design is anything but marvelous!

Some writer posted about certain Korean nail trends that needed to kick the bucket, but what they finally posted about current nail trends that can be enjoyed? So here they are 5 current Korean nail trends that are the icing on the cake.

1 Try a french graphic
Why have a normally French mani when you can skip the impressionist era and go straight for modern art? All you need is a steady hand and a brush!

2 Going Loco
In Korea, they love their nail art. Now, sometimes this can go very wrong (I’m talking about the tiger claws with the crown jewels AND the queen herself glued to them), but sometimes, they can go very right.

3 What about a Chiara Ferragni approach?
Probably the newest trend to hit is the makeup road shop étude house and Laniege both released stickers with eyes and lips, now your nails can look like Chiara’s line of shoes and purses. Plus, if you hit the small local shops in any of the shopping areas, you can get a knock off phone case to match. Tread with caution…your nails don’t want to look like Mrs. Potato head exploded on them.

4 Cellophane. What is it?
When it is not being used for evil (see previous nail post), cellophane can actually take the graphics look that has recently gained popularity and gives it some glam.

5 Breakthrough: the crescent
probably one of my favorite new trends. Unlike its brother, the reverse moon, it doesn’t make me want to re-polish people’s nails