When the summer is on the way, it means that you will most likely be wearing sandals or flip-flops or running around in bare feet. Let the summer fun begin with friends and family coming over for a barbeque, hitting the beaches, or swimming in the neighborhood pool. No matter what summer activity you participate in, your toenails will be on display for all to see and a polished pedi is the perfect compliment to any summertime fun. But if your toenails are not the best shape, you may be a little embarrassed around others.

If you are ready to go out, why not spice up your look with a pedicure that features unique nail ideas. With the warm weather approaching, more and more people will be noticing your toenails if you are wearing open-toed shoes. To make your toenails look absolutely enchanting apply nail polish and create a design of your choice.

Some nail designs will look great with any size toenail but if you would like them longer there are fake nails sold in the market. These nails can be worn and polished like they were your own. Now that you have decided to color your toenails, what design will you create? Deciding on the perfect design for your summer vibe can be tricky though so here are 37 inspiring ideas for your summer toenail look that will make you wish summer would never end.

1 Try mermaid-inspired toes
Having stars, shells, and fish scale designs on this trendy color will bring out summer-friendly toe nail designs. What you need is a base coat, peach nail enamel, and sticky designs. The freedom of shapes and the look of the sea is what makes it easy to create. Just paint your toenails the summer color of peach. Then, stick your desired design on top.

2 Simple and elegant
Are you a fan of nail ideas with bright colors? Here is one of the most charming toenail designs for you to flaunt at the beach. Having dark hot pink as the foundation makes the white rising daisy shine. Place the daisies on each toenail or merely decorate the big toes while using a solid pink on the others. Get artistic with other decals.

3 Inspiration from rainbow
Neon shades bring out the warm feeling of summer. That is what makes these nail colors shine brightly with lemon, green, tangerine, orange, and hot pink. Just think sunny days when you look down at your toe tips. All you need is five bright neon enamels, a base coat, and a top coat. Pulling off these contrast colors is easy to achieve.