If you are searching for the ideas for your wedding party theme, I would like to suggest you have a rustic wedding theme. A rustic themed barn wedding is always popular, but mixed with a little romance its perfection! If you do have your heart set on a barn wedding venue for your special day, let us inspire you when it comes to adding that touch of rustic romance. There are plenty of ways to add romantic elements to your wedding décor: fragrant flowers in glasses and mason jars, ambient lightings such as string lights and candle lights, personal details, and drapery. Check the following ideas out, and start planning the romantic, rustic wedding of your dreams!

If your wedding will be held in Autumn, then it is going to be a wonderful wedding party. Because Autumn is the most beautiful season for nature’s most fabulous show of colors, and there’s no better way to bring the theme into your wedding than with your flowers. We’ve been fawning over fall bouquets over the last few weeks, and are especially loving oversized, mixed rustic style bunches that bring in a variety of textures and colors. Autumn is all about an abundance of blooms, and several shades working together just as nature intended. As a florist and designer, this season will literally take your breath away. The richness of colors available, the fusion of fruit, flowers, seeds, and foliage make this the most exciting time of year in any flower shop.

Flowers perfect for the season include Roses, Gerberas, Calla Lilies, Cymbidium Orchids, Freesia, Chrysanthemums, and berries. The bouquet really does finish off your wedding look – and we guarantee when they arrive the morning of the wedding you’ll really understand why we say this – so make sure it’s something that makes you feel really special this season!