Is this year your graduation year? Today I will share about Graduation cap in this post. Graduation doesn’t have to be all serious. It’s time to celebrate and have fun. If you plan on decorating your graduation cap, do it with some flair. We have funny DIY ideas your friends will be jealous they didn’t think of. Whether you want to reference popular culture, feature a silly phrase, or just be totally random, we’ve got you covered. Check out all the humorous options.

Graduation is a time of joy and great relief. You know you’re DONE. You also know you’re a real adult and have to deal with jobs and other responsibilities like that. It’s also the time when you realize university was actually fun and real life is a lot tougher than your assignments and projects and bored and super annoying teachers. Also, student loans are knocking on your door. So, where do you go from there?

It’s just time to celebrate and these 20 students knew just how to do it right and in an original way: decorating their graduation caps. The messages are hilarious and everyone could relate to them. It’s just every student’s story summed up in a graduation cap. From the writings like “Kiss my (cl)ass goodbye” to “Just did it”, they nailed their graduation caps and look like they’re going to nail it in life as well.

Let’s wish them luck and to all of you who are still waiting for their next exam session: Good luck. Below are some ideas for decorating your cap:
1. Four Years Later
2. Thanks, Quizlet
3. I Never Look Back, Darling. It Distracts from the Now
4. She Doesn’t Even Go Here
5. Game of Loans
6. I Know I Wined a Lot, But I Did It
7. Thanks to My Sponsors