Here comes the season for new beginnings and turning chapters in life as countless high school and college students prepare to take their last steps on campus. Sad as it can be, the best part of the ending is the party that follows! We have collected from the internet a list of some cute, inexpensive DIY graduation party ideas to try out when decorating for your big party.

You may refer to it for your inspirations to make your own Graduation party.

1. Build a Photo Booth
You may also make a big Backdrop. As cheesy as it may seem, having a photo booth or having a setup for a backdrop will be a huge hit amongst friends and family. Hanging a few banners on a string to tie up is an inexpensive way to make your party memorable and everyone will be sharing their pics from it! You can easily make this on your own by taking construction paper, string, and cut out letters.

2. Provide a Candy full of Table
Everybody loves a candy table. Hit up your local dollar tree for some jars if you don’t already have them and fill them with discounted candy or snacks. Add a little sign with it to add some charm to your party.

3. Pour Inspiration Notes on a table
Laying out paper or note cards for your guests to leave inspirational quotes is super cute for decorations, but also awesome for you to read after the party.

4. Arrange some games for everybody
A setup of yard games can be a great way to get your guests entertained and moving. Also great for introducing everyone to each other, I mean who doesn’t love a solid game of corn hole? Even something as simple as jump rope or sidewalk chalk is sure to please.

5. #Hashtag Challenge
Advertise a hashtag for all of your friends and family to use on the pictures they post. This is an easy way to keep track of the pictures taken at your party that you want to keep forever! Having a hashtag is an easy DIY graduation party ideas!

6. Don’t forget to Hang some Pictures
One of the best parts about grad parties is all of the baby photos the guests get to see of you! Instead of the average tag board, hang some on a string with clothespins or tie them around a pole or tree with the same string.